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Avoiding wank like a pro by taking unneccessary mirror selfies

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Jensen Ackles at SDCC14.

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Nerd HQ 2014

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Anonymous: i think the problem is that the fan's question had to do with having female actors on the show. and jared's response implies that he thinks all female actors are there to be romantic interests, and that is problematic.



Eh, I didn’t see it like that? I don’t think that was his intention at all, even though I know others interpreted it that way. At the end of the day I think Jared was just saying he’s proud that Supernatural is a show that does not focus on romance like many other programs out there. Think about the shows you watch; how many of them have prominent romantic plotlines that exist in the narrative? A good amount of them, right? Supernatural isn’t like that. It is a show that focuses on family first, platonic friendships, finding yourself, and romance has never really been the focus of the show. You can’t say that about many programs out there [at least the ones I’ve seen.]

In no way do I think Jared was saying women are only good for romantic plotlines, but that’s just me. I think everyone just needs to take a chill pill honestly and let it go? It has blown so out of proportion. 

It was the worst wording of the century, but hell, I agree with him on the core of it. I’m dead tired of watching pointless romances push aside familial and platonic relationships. I’m dead tired of romance being portrayed as the Big Prize relationship, the one that is more valuable than the rest. I’m dead tired of romantic and sexual affection being the only kind portrayed aside the quick, dry hug here or there.

He’s right on spot about what he said about Supernatural, even if it was the worst place to say it. There is a place for a show like this that does not revolve around the magical unicorn love, but rather the other forms of love, the sorts that get ran over by the overglorified romantic love in the vast majority of television shows. One of the most refreshing things about SPN is that its pointless love triangles and coupling drama is lowered at the very minimum without taking away relationships and human interaction - that in an action show, its carrying strength is in the friendships and bonds that do not culminate in beddings and passionate kisses. These relationships which other shows ignore are shown in their full power and are established as things worth fighting for, things even more valuable than “true love”; in SPN, as in real life, these relationships are the most important factors in a person’s social wellbeing, and they are portrayed in-depth and as complex as they truly are.


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Jensen Ackles Alphabet

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