Carolina, Cologne, 20 years old
Cas!girl with all my soul and heart
Proud Hufflepuff
infj personality type
big ball of queer rage
Coffee, evenings, Autumn, Music, creative work
Mainly Supernatural with some sprinkles of multi-fandom, art, lbgt, feminism & nsfw


Teen Wolf Season 4
Dark Angel Season 1
In One Person- John Irving
Preparing for moving to Erfurt for studying
Working at a Smoothie Bar


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How hella am I?

So many!

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We got professional photos done today and they look sooo good. And we’re going to go back next weeks to choose which ones we want, I am so excited

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And I don’t want the world to see me…

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he found it

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Feminists: Abolish gender roles! Girls can like masculine things and boys can like feminine things!

*a group of men unashamedly loves a cartoon made for little girls*

Feminists: DISGUSTING youre invading a space that doesnt belong to you and SOILING IT with your MASCULINITY you fedora wearing neckbeards!

If you still think feminist dislike bronies simply because they’re males, you have a shit-ton of learning to do

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I want a story about a gay girl disguising herself as a guy to get into an all boy school. When she meets her roommate, he happens to have a banging personality and a very pleasing face. The girl has a sexuality crisis because she starts to fall for the roommate but in reality, the roommate is actually another girl disguised as a guy so that she can attend the school

#the entire school is just gay girls dressed as guys in hopes of attending the school (via buttergin)

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Never apologize for your fluency in english.
If you have a different mother tongue, you are under no obligation to know english at all, let alone fluent english.
Never let anyone make you feel bad for not speaking proper english.
Be proud of your mother tongue.
Why should we learn their language when they mock and refuse to learn our own.


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ok but ask yourself this about your otp

  • which one hogs the blanket
  • which one cuts the other’s hair
  • which one makes coffee for the other every morning
  • which one picks up the pizza
  • which one likes their music on full volume
  • which one complains about the crumbs on the bed
  • which one is ticklish
  • which one sings and which one plays the music
  • which one proposes
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